MJC Horticulture, established in 1991, is a Melbourne based horticulture business providing complete spectrum of services from garden/landscape design, consultation to construction, and management for residential and commercial clients.


MJC Horticulture is proud to be featured on Channel 9's hit TV show THE BLOCK 2020, working alongside house 1 contestants, Harry and Tash.


Courtyards are a wonderful extension of living quarters and regardless of size, provide both a visual into nature and a place for privacy.

Vertical Gardens.

Vertical gardens come in many/various shapes, forms and sizes and can exist in indoor and outdoor locations/settings.

Large Scale.

Open spaces to be designed and built in a manner that serves the many requirements of stakeholders and property owners.


Paving of hard surfaces can help serve as a link between buildings and gardens as well as creating meandering paths.


Pools are a welcomed addition to the landscape and through combining creative designs with building techniques.

Feature Walls.

Feature walls can retain a large sloped garden, hide an unsightly vista or create a strong focal point.

Sustainable Landscapes.

Sustainable landscapes are focused on designing open spaces in a way that maximises the positive benefits of gardens.

Timber Structures.

The use of timber within a landscape can be used in many ways that add character to any setting.

Water Gardens.

Water gardens have been recognised as providing a whole range of health and wellbeing benefits.

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