What We Do.

MJC Horticulture provides a full suite of services ranging from design consultation and conceptualisation through to ongoing maintenance and external expert consultation for all types of landscapes. Although it is always ideal to be involved from the very beginning of a project, the team is also happy to assist with established projects at any stage and continue until the vision has been realised.

MJC Horticulture specialises in;

  • Ecological and sustainable garden designs for smart living
  • Kitchen gardens, urban and rooftop farms and sustainable food production
  • Integrating and applying organic principles to gardens/landscapes
  • Transferring knowledge about the physical and mental benefits of gardens/landscapes
  • Learning and educational gardens
  • Integrating Biophilic design principles to combine elements of nature into architecture, landscapes and green infrastructure projects
  • Urban landscapes such as vertical walls, green roofs and all aspects of green infrastructure

The consultation process is a first-hand opportunity for the client and a member of the consultation team to examine and review the property and engage in an open discussion about potential horticultural options and/or landscape ideas and how these may be achieved.

Horticultural and landscape consultations consist of a site visit and consultation that typically lasts for approx. 1 to 2 hours each, dependant on the property size and requirements, for example.


The horticultural consultation process concentrates on areas such as the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants and how these may be used within the garden landscape.


A landscape consultation can for be useful for those with existing, partial or non-existent landscapes, where property needs have changed or initial landscapes designs and outcomes were not realised. Irrespective of a client’s needs, a landscape consultation can serve as the first step to creating the ideal garden or simply providing food for thought.

Horticulture + Landscape Design

When it comes to designing an ideal garden, MJC Horticulture considers a number of phases to achieve the desired landscape. The stages are important as they allow for both the design team and the client to have an in depth understanding of client objectives and desired outcomes. This also enables MJC Horticulture to apply the relevant expertise and knowledge for the garden design and construction.

Phases of the design process include an initial consultation and site visit, preliminary design, concept plan design development, detailed landscape plan and landscape works & project management.

Our 5 Step Process
Initial Consultation & Site Visit
The initial stage of the design involves a site visit and consultation that can last between 1 -2 hours. This visit enables the client and our designer to understand and identify the clients goals for achieving that perfect garden. This process involves exchanging ideas and providing the client with examples of previous work undertaken. This acts as an indication of the scope of our design. Notes and site requirements are captured and recorded. A fee may apply at this initial stage and there is no obligation to proceed.
Preliminary Design
This stage is focused on briefing the client on potential designs for consideration. This stage involves the delivery of potential designs based on the initial consultation and site visit. The client is provided with a written report of the design options, including potential design themes along with a concept plan(s) depicting the landscape and possible planting schemes. Once the client has reviewed the options and discussed with the design team, this enables the design elements to be finalised.
Concept Plan Design Development
This stage is focused on presenting the client with the proposed drawing of the design based on the agreed design elements. This plan will include the indication of landscape features, specific plantings and materials to be used. This plan can be used in the instance of engaging other contractors (if applicable) and council approval (if required).
Detailed Landscape Plan
At this stage, a fully scaled and detailed design plan will be provided to the client and will include detail such as lighting, irrigation, plant names, etc. At this point, the detailed landscape is signed off by the client. This plan can be also used in the instance of engaging other contractors (if applicable) and council approval (if required).
Landscape Works & Project Management
At the final design stage, MJC Horticulture will provide a quotation for the construction phase of the garden/landscape design, including project management. In situations where contractors have been appointed to perform partial or full construction, project management can be provided to oversee the garden/landscape design. This provides assurance that the design integrity of the landscape design is maintained from start to finish and peace of mind to the client to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved within budget.

The landscape team prides themselves on providing expertise across a large range of different types of construction. Team members have varying skills, expertise and experience which ensures the implementation of each project to be completed to the highest level of workmanship.

MJC Horticulture specialises in the following construction projects;

  • Landscape Construction
  • Vertical, Rooftop & green infrastructure
  • Garden Construction
  • Food/Kitchen Gardens
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Garden Lighting Installation
  • Instant/Synthetic Turf Installation
  • Water Garden/Pond Construction
  • Paving
  • Timber Structures
  • Retainer/Feature Walls
Management + Maintenance

MJC Horticulture provides a qualified Horticulturalist and a team of gardeners who manage existing gardens or new landscapes to assist clients in helping them realise their ideal garden.

MJC Horticulture undertakes the following maintenance works;

  • Property management
  • Garden Renovation
  • Tree Care & Maintenance
  • General Garden Management & Maintenance
  • Water Garden/Pond Maintenance
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Cleaning & Re-Sealing (of paved surfaces)
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