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MJC Horticulture is a Melbourne, Australia based horticulture business that’s provided horticultural and landscape services for almost 30 years (established in 1991). MJC Horticulture delivers a complete spectrum of services ranging from garden and landscape design, consultation and construction through to management and maintenance for residential/domestic and commercial clients.

MJC Horticulture’s mission is to help clients realise and live their ideal garden.

MJC Horticulture is a proud member of Australian Institute of Horticulture, Green Roofs Australasia and Therapeutic Horticulture Australia.

Michel Casey
Founder & Director

Michael Casey is the Founder and Director of MJC Horticulture who brings over 25 years industry experience.

He holds a Diploma of Applied Science Horticulture (University of Melbourne), Specialist Certificate Green Walls and Roofs (University of Melbourne) and a Certificate of Horticulture (Holmesglen).

Michael is an award winning registered horticulturist with a passion for urban sustainable horticulture and therapeutic horticulture where the use of biophilic principles is the backbone to his gardens and landscapes.

Michael’s expertise is sought by others in the industry as demonstrated by his external and ongoing consulting positions, impressive training portfolio and extensive authorship in industry publications. He is a specialist in the field of green infrastructure where his works extends into guideline and policy review, workshop development and consulting in designing of greening cities. His professional standing through peak industry bodies is also a testament to his influence in the industry and the future of Australian and International horticulture.  

Michael is surrounded by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and highly skilled gardening and landscape professionals that share his passion and vast knowledge and experience of design, plant health, construction and maintenance.

Steve Clarke . Gardening

Steve initially started his career in landscaping and quickly developed a passion for horticulture.  He completed his apprenticeship at Chisolm Institute and also spent over 3 years working for a propagation nursery.  Steve joined the horticulture and gardening team as a gardener in 2017 and has since become the head of the garden/horticultural team.

Steve is forever focused on achieving beautiful gardens and building strong and honest relationships with his clients and team members alike.  Steve is passionate about plant health, pest disease control (IPM strategies), planting and loves rose pruning – and is always eager to learn more.  He is currently completing his Diploma in Horticulture at Box Hill Institute.

Kieran White . Gardening

Kieran joined the horticulture/gardening team in early 2018 and has had a keen interest and passion for horticulture since 2014. Kieran is focused on developing skills in tissue culture, propagation and transplanting through his exposure and previous role in the nursery industry.

Kieran is currently undertaking studies at Box Hill Institute to complete a Certificate 4 in Parks and Gardens to further develop skills that are aligned to his passion. Kieran’s drive and passion are recognised by clients and peers and he is expected to assume the position of team leader in time.

Kieran’s interests outside of horticulture extends to the outdoors where he is a keen fisherman and enjoys a day out at the football with friends.

Phoebe Hansford . Gardening

Phoebe is a plant enthusiast with a qualification in Ornamental Horticulture. She studied for 3 years at Chisholm  Institute focused on plant pests and disease, chemicals, fertilisers, irrigation and soils.

Phoebe has been actively working in the industry since 2013 in a range of different roles including producing flowering annuals, herbs, vegetable seedlings, climbers, grasses, groundcovers, trees and shrubs.

She absolutely loves working with plants and helping clients achieve their ideal gardens. Her role as gardener at MJC Horticulture enables her to continue gaining practical experience and knowledge in the industry as she plans to progress further towards managing operations and garden design.

When she’s not enjoying the company of plants, you can find her enjoying social events and traveling.


The landscape division of MJC Horticulture is an in-house team comprising of qualified and highly experienced trades people from a diverse range of backgrounds across residential/domestic and commercial sectors. The team is led by a specialist in the field who brings over 20 years’ experience.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

MJC Horticulture is a proud member of Australian Institute of Horticulture, Green Roofs Australasia and Therapeutic Horticulture Australia. 

MJC Horticulture, Melbourne Landscape Design
MJC Horticulture, Melbourne Landscape Design
MJC Horticulture, Melbourne Landscape Design

2018 Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc. Award of Excellence

Vertical gardens for the physical and mental health of school students project

The benefits of Green Walls which are being installed inside buildings, homes and even classrooms in urban environments have been well documented in recent years. 

There is significant proof that Green Walls can also have a positive impact on children’s mental health, especially those within secondary schools.  These include: 

  • Assisting children with ADHD to focus better in school 
  • Boosting teacher and student morale to support healthy student/teacher relationships 
  • Improvement of cognitive functioning 

 MJC Horticulture has partnered with Catholic Regional College over the past 5 years incorporating green spaces in and around the campus. The recent design and development of a new Study Hall features a green wall which is the building that year 11 and 12 students sit their exams in.  

 This was a deliberate design feature to ensure the students’ physical testing environment was optimised for the best outcomes. The wall is 50m2 in size, incorporates 1200 plants covering 12 different species.  

2015 Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc.

Community Award of Excellence Enhancing School & Community through Horticulture

MJC Horticulture have been implementing green spaces into the school grounds and classrooms of Catholic Regional College since 2014 and have improved not only the school grounds but the well-being of students and staff.

The use of horticulture in and around the school has led to improved working conditions for both staff and students and will now be the benchmark for future works in and around the school campus.

MJC Horticulture are also working alongside the school in introducing Horticulture into the curriculum as a specialised field for early training opportunities for senior students.

Our portfolio

MJC Horticulture provides a full suite of services ranging from design consultation and conceptualisation through to ongoing maintenance and external expert consultation for all types of landscapes.

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